Dresden Surroundings


The area around Dresden is always well worth the trip.

Castle Weesenstein

Majestically over the Müglitzvalley stands one of the most beautiful castles in Saxony, looking like the last hundred years have gone by without leaving a trace. The castle of Weesenstein, with all its attractions, meanwhile is real secret tip.

Castle Moritzburg

The impressive baroque castle is known as one of the most beautiful water castles in Europe, and was the hunting castle of the famous August the strong. Not only the castle itself, but also the little pheasant castle, the lighthouse on the jetty in the castle lake and the game reserve are worth visiting.

Albrechtsburg Meißen

Albrechtsburg is the first castle in the german construction history. The late gothic building on the castle hill in Meißen was built in 1471 and remained intact to this day. In 1710, August the strong founded the famous porcelain manufactory right here.